Jason's Wicked Cool Wednesday Gift – Summer Student Retention Letter from Dr Robyn Silverman

Hope you’re having a “Wicked Cool” Wednesday.  After living in Massachusetts for 20 years or so, “wicked” has become a part of my vocabulary…kind of a fun word, right?

In any case – as I’m sure you know at this point, I’ve been giving away a TON of FREE TOOLS to help you ensure the success of your school right now.

Today, I’m going to share a very powerful tool that was created by our very own Dr. Robyn Silverman (the founder / creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System).

Don't Let Your Student Enrollment Dwindle This Summer!As you’ll see, this letter is designed to show the value and benefit of sticking with consistent classes over the summer.

As we all know, when we hear, “we’re just going to take a quick break”, it’s usually the beginning of the end of that student’s training as they break their routine.

Another Powerful aspect of this letter is that it’s written by a Nationally recognized Child Development Expert (as seen on the Today Show, the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, etc.) – YOUR Academy’s Child Development Expert.

Yet another way for you to quickly and easily leverage Dr Robyn’s credentials (PhD in Child Development) as well as her ever growing celebrity!




IMPORTANT NOTE: All Powerful Words Family Members will be able to download this letter as a Word document (for quick and easy editing and implementation) from the Powerful Words members area.

Alright – as always, I hope you are knocking it out of the park this year.  Take a moment and let me know how you intend to implement this system – feel free to add a comment below!



Jason M. Silverman

CEO – Powerful Words Character Development