Why "Free Stuff" can cost you BIG TIME!

I just had a very disturbing phone call from a soon to be brand new Powerful Words family member.  What was so disturbing you ask?

He’s owned his school for 3 years now and has been using a “version of a character program that he gets for free.”  Listen, I know that some folks feel comfortable using something that they haven’t invested in, even if they know it’s not top quality.

The reason he called me was pretty simple.  He was FED UP.  He’s been waiting and waiting for his “version of a character program that he gets for free” to be made available to him for the month.  The problem was that it wasn’t made available to him until Feb 5th (per my calendar, that makes it 5 days AFTER the month has begun) and therefore was unable to either prepare with the materials, use them in his monthly marketing, or even be able to deliver them to his clients on time…as they rightly deserve! (we always get our materials out on the 20th of the previous month to ensure that this NEVER HAPPENS to our clients!)

Punctuality is a form of respect.  I’ve always felt that if somebody doesn’t respect my time, it’s clear that they don’t respect me!

This soon to be brand new Powerful Words family member said, “You know Jason, I’ve put up with numerous typos, poorly written chats, materials that are not appropriate for all of my students, and a less than attractive package.  But I figured that since it wasn’t costing me anything, it was probably good enough.  Well – today, it cost me.  It cost me an unpleasant conversation with a parent who is “concerned that we might not be serious about our program if we can’t even manage to deliver it to them on time.  If she pulls her kids out, it’s going to cost me well over $2,000 per year.”

Ouch.  That, quite frankly…sucks.

This conversation really pissed me off.  I had to take a few minutes to write this down and let you know that if, for some reason, you’re currently in a similar situation to this fellow and using a program that was NOT created by the #1 Child Development Expert in the Industry, or using something that you get that’s “included for free” with something else you purchase…that it may, in fact, be costing you.

As the CEO of Powerful Words Character Development, I’d like to say that you’d be a welcome addition to our ever-growing family of Happy and Successful School Owners.  Please take a look at http://www.PowerfulWords.com and poke around.  There are some helpful videos to watch as well as a super special FREE OFFER to help you grow your school.  Obviously, we’d enjoy welcoming you and helping you enjoy the success that both you and your students deserve.

One of the many reasons that Powerful Words is easily recognized as The World’s Leading Character Development System PROVEN to Increase Enrollment and SuperCharge Student Retention is that we’re committed to delivering our clients everything YOU need to be successful…and doing it ON TIME…EVERY TIME…BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

If you’re not having an amazing experience with your Character Development System – it’s time you took advantage of THE BEST.

As always, I’m happy to help you to get started and get successful.  I can be reached directly at (877) 769-3799 ext 7.

Yours in success,


Jason M. Silverman

CEO ~ 
Powerful Words Character Development