The Value and Benefit of Giving a Powerful Benefits Based Tour of Your Business…

Hello and Happy Friday!

As many people in the industry have heard, I recently went through double hernia surgery.  All I can say about that…is…OUCH!  I’m starting to heal…slowly but surely, though it’s been a rough go of it.  Thanks to everybody who’s reached out to me wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks.  Not to worry, it takes more than a few holes in my abdomen to keep me down 🙂

The marketing guy in me wanted to share surgical pics with ya…but we couldn’t convince the surgeon to put down the scalpel and pic up a camera…in retrospect, probably a very good thing, eh?

On a more constructive level though, I was thoroughly impressed with the lengths the hospital staff went to in order to make me feel comfortable and happy with my decision to “give them my business.”  This really got me thinking about how rare it is for an after school activity center (Martial Arts Academy, Cheer Gym, Gymnastics School, Swim School, Dance Studio, etc.) to really give a Powerful Benefits Based Tour to prospective students and their families.

Our very own Dr. Robyn Silverman, founder and creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System has put together a special report to HELP YOU design your Powerful Benefits School Tour.  Here’s the link:



I’m considering putting together a “Back to School Marketing Mastermind” to help owners really KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK when the summer is over.  Would this be of interest to you?  It’s going to be a very small group to keep the results ultra-high.  Please leave a comment below if you’d find it beneficial for me to personally help you design an aggressive, results based Marketing Strategy for this coming school year.

*** Oh, by the way, if, for some reason, you’re not yet a Powerful Words family member, give me a call at 877-769-3799 – I’ve got something special for everybody who hops onboard this summer that I know you’re going to love!

Have a Powerful Weekend!


Jason M. Silverman


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