Biz Success Secrets from the Mile High Maverick – How to Explosively Grow your Business through Smart Marketing & Smart Strategy with Martial Arts School Industry Expert Stephen Oliver

The Real Deal with Jason Silverman – Featuring  School Growth & Business Development Expert Stephen Oliver (A.K.A. The Mile High Maverick)

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Every now and then, you get the opportunity to listen to a “Real Deal” expert who’s actually been there and done that, right?  Today is one of those days.  Jason Silverman enjoyed a spectacular interview with Martial Arts Busienss Building Legend, Stephen Oliver (of NAPMA and Mile High Karate fame)  Mr. Oliver has a unique perspective on how to grow a business quickly and successfully.  While owners of martial arts schools will immediately see a benefit, any business owner who wants to increase his profits, improve his marketing and live a more fulfilled life, will get amazing value out of this podcast.  Get set to hear the inside scoop on business growth and high quality marketing.

A little about Stephen Oliver…

Stephen Oliver is the CEO of the National Association of Professional Martial Artist, Founder and Franchisor of the International Mile High Karate school organization.  He’s founded his Mile High Karate schools 30 years ago last month and, since then has grown to become the leading consultant to the top 1% and top 5% of the Martial Arts Industry as well as for Fitness, After-School Care and Several other related industries.

Although he’s generally thought of as the leading marketing consultant in his industry, in reality his focus is on creating the highest possible value of service to students or clients and, then maximizing the business results through retention, high revenue per student as well as multi-faceted marketing activities.   He’s a Graduate of Georgetown University and holds his Master’s in Business Administration as well.   He’s the author of several books on Internet Marketing, Direct Response Marketing for small business, and Just released his latest book: “The Way of the Mile High Maverick.”


Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

  1. Who exactly is Stephen Oliver, what makes him tick and what is he most passionate about?
  2. What Is Stephen’s Primary Strategy that Dramatically Improves businesses bottom line?
  3. In Stephen’s book, The Way of the Mile High Maverick” he talks about deciding whether you want to be “Wal-Mart” or the “Apple Store”, see  how it applies to your business.
  4. Why does Stephen believe that absent other criteria – price determines perception of value?
  5. From a standpoint of finding new customers or clients what are some of the key mistakes being made by small business owners.
  6. In the new world of Social Media, Internet and all of the rapid change – what are some of the key areas that small business owner’s should focus on to improve their marketing results.
  7. In order to help a small business owner dramatically grow the size of their business, what would be the key strategy?
  8. What one piece of advice should business owners take in order for them to enjoy their business a bit more?



  • – This is a link for info about Stephen’s new book, The Way of the Mile High Maverick.  I highly suggest getting, reading and re-reading this book for anybody who owns a business and wants to see it sky rocket!
  • – If you own a martial arts academy, visit and see how the National Association of Professional Martial Artists can help you to grow your school and achieve all of your dreams.