The Perfect Tax and Legal Game Plan with Mark Kohler

RDPMark Kohler SqThe Real Deal with Jason Silverman with Mark Kohler (The Perfect Tax and Legal Game Plan)

Welcome to this edition of THE REAL DEAL with Jason Silverman!

Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with Tax Attorney and CPA, Mark Kohler for a fun and truly eye opening conversation about how to Develop the perfect tax and legal game plan in your business. If you’re looking to take your business (and your life) to the next level, this podcast is a must!

What are you waiting for??  You’re going to get a ton of value from this one!

Strap yourself in and get ready!  This is going to be great!

A little about Mark Kohler…

Mark J. Kohler is an attorney, certified public accountant, entrepreneur, and author of What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You- Life-Changing Tax Strategies (Entrepreneur Press) and Lawyers are Liars- The Truth About Protecting Our Assets (Life’s Plan Publishing).

Mark’s principal career has been as a partner in the accounting firm Kohler & Eyre CPAs, LLP, and the law firm Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller, & Sorensen, LLP, where he specializes in the areas of business, estate and tax planning.

He is a personal and small business tax and legal expert, who helps clients build and protect wealth through wealth management strategies, and business and tax remedies often overlooked in this challenging, ever-changing economic climate. A well regarded speaker on this topic, his seminars have helped tens of thousands of individuals and small business owners navigate the maze of legal, regulatory and financial laws to greater success and wealth.

Mark is a contributing writer to as well as several other news outlets.  Some of his recent articles have been published by MSNBC, Yahoo Finance and Reuters.

He also hosts his internet radio show, The Mark Kohler Show, which can be accessed at:

Mark is a proud father of four beautiful children and husband to his lovely wife Jennifer. They reside in Orange County, California, where Mark trains for triathlons and surfs in his free time.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

1. How important is it for a small business owner to work with a CPA or an attorney? Is it best to have them on retainer? 

2. How often should a small business owner be in touch with their CPA? Their attorney? 

3. What are some mistakes small business owners make when working with CPAs and attorneys?

4. What are some of the biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have around setting up their business entity? 

5. How important is it for small business owners to hire a book keeper? 

6. The new healthcare law has most if not all small business owners a little ticked off  What advice do you have on how to navigate the new system?