Special Skills and Opportunities for Special Needs – How to Effectively Work with Special Needs Students and Build Your Business at the Same Time – with Psychologist / Special Needs Expert Dr. Susan Giurleo

The Real Deal with Jason Silverman – Featuring  Psychologist and Special Needs Expert Dr. Susan Giurleo

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Every now and then, Jason gets the opportunity to pick the brain of somebody who is directly helping those who really need it in their communities.  Today is one of those special days.  In today’s episode, Jason Silverman interviews Dr. Susan Giurleo, a psychologist who works with so many kids suffering from one of the alphabet issues (ADHD, ADD, etc.)  Jason was able to discover some very helpful ideas for owners, coaches and teachers who work with kids that may be considered “distracting.” Anybody who works with kids or adults for that matter, is sure to find this podcast educational and helpful.  Enjoy!

A little about Dr. Susan Giurleo…

Dr. Susan is a licensed psychologist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology and extensive experience counseling and coaching children, adolescents and families on issues of behavioral and emotional control, organization, and academic and social  success.

She is the founder of Child Development Partners a family coaching and consulting practice that supports children and teens who struggle with issues related to ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities and executive dysfunction. She is also a business coach who empowers emerging entrepreneurs to build and market businesses that make a difference and engage in social good.
In her free time Susan can be found cheering on her 10 year old son in his many athletic pursuits including soccer, basketball, and baseball.
You can read more about her work with children at ChildDevelopmentPartners.com. Her business coaching site is DrSusanGiurleo.com.


Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

  1. How is coaching a child with ADHD or a learning disability different than coaching most kids?
  2. What is the business benefit in developing a niche in coaching children with special learning needs?
  3. What are some ways to handle a child that just can’t focus or follow directions in class?
  4. What do activity instructors need to know about ADHD,learning disabilities and other “invisible” disabilities in their students?
  5. Is there a way to identify which kids will need extra support before classes start to avoid difficulties in the group?
  6. What options can a program offer for kids who just aren’t able to focus enough for the main classes, but really want to learn and develop in the activity?



  • www.ChildDevelopmentPartners.com – This is a link for Dr. Susan’s Child Development Partners Practice – check it out!
  • www.DrSusanGiurleo.com – This is Dr. Susan’s main website and a great place to visit to discover more about all of the services she provides