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2 Day Event / October 2019 / San Diego, California
Date: October 8th-9th, 2019

Location: San Diego, California

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Learn The Proven Secrets To Grow Your Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance, Martial Arts or Ninja Business!  Discover the Art of Business Systems Creation and Implementation so that your business runs like clockwork whether YOU are there or not...

In just 2 days, I will personally help you automate and systematize your business and generate more leads and income on autopilot, allowing you to create the business and lifestyle you want and deserve.

You'll leave with the best mindset you've ever had and will have discovered the proven strategies and systems that will allow you to work on your business and not just in it… even if you are currently a one man/woman show!

NO longer will you have to rely on late night “grind” sessions or responding to email at 2am to get stuff done...all at the expense of your health, your wealth and your sanity where you wake up feeling more worn out then before you went to bed. Instead, you’ll learn the “Shortcuts”… The best systems and strategies that will allow you to get more done with half the effort in a business that you truly LOVE!

Hey there!  Jason Silverman here,
Glad you clicked that link and found your way to this page :-)

I’m going to make the assumption that you’re here because you own a cheer gym, a gymnastics club, a ninja academy or a dance studio and you want a formula for making unbelievable profits and becoming the dominant force in your community.

Or maybe you’re here because you’re just starting out in your business and you want to skip all of the years of painful mistakes and lost money.  You'd prefer to just take the fast track to opening your doors, living the entrepreneur lifestyle, and having all your systems totally complete and effective, right?

I can help you with that by letting you sit in on our
7 Figure Formula Mastermind meeting
 in San Diego, California on October 8th-9th, 2019.

We only can offer 6 sit-in spots for this Mastermind, since we want to make sure we devote the best amount of quality coaching time to each sit-in as well as our existing members.

NOTE:  2 sit in spots have already been grabbed! Don't drag your feet on this..

Since space is very limited we’re accepting participants on a first come, first serve basis.

(Application down below)
If you don’t know who we are and how we can help you, these videos should give you a significantly better idea…
Here's what we'll do for you at the MasterMind:
First off, here’s what’s included as part of the event:

  •  A hot seat session where you can have Jason directly tackle the most urgent issues in your business
  •  The chance to see “behind the curtain” of after school activity businesses that are currently generating 6 or even 7 figures
  •  The latest working cheer / gymnastics / dance / ninja / martial arts business models – explained by real people who are succeeding with them!
  •  The chance to network with some of the highest-performing people in the industry
  •  An all-expense paid networking dinner where you can relax and get to know your new best connections over a delicious meal & great drinks

Second, here is just a teeny tiny sliver of the game-changing secrets, tricks and hacks you’ll discover:
  •  How to out-market and out-position your competitors
  •  How to put your entire marketing and client attraction system on autopilot
  •  How to get your business so dialed-in that you can take as many vacations as you want
  •  How to double or triple your income in just 12 months
  •  How to create additional profit streams (that you don’t even have to think about)
  •  How to guarantee high client retention and turn referrals into a reliable system
  •  How to install a high-performance mindset in yourself, no matter where you come from or where you’re starting out!

As I said before, as long as you come in ready to take action, just two days of this program will completely turn your business and your life around.
Next Steps --> Do this NOW!
Here's what you should do now:

1.) Fill out the application below.

2.) If your application shows that you are ready to join us in June, I will reach out to schedule a 30-minute strategy call with you to find out more details about your business and confirm that you would be a good fit for the sit in.

3.) If everything checks out alright, and this sit-in is the next step in your journey, you will get your ticket over the phone with yours truly and prepare your flight and hotel stay immediately.

4.) You will receive a confirmation email along with all of the details of the mastermind (like the times and exact locations of everything).

5.) You come to the mastermind ready to learn and ready to take action.

6.) You take the knowledge you learn and your call to action and you implement IMMEDIATELY, we will literally give you things to implement right after the mastermind finishes when you go up to your hotel room.

​​​​​​​7.) You make a ton more money and find your freedom...finally!
2 Day Event / October 2019 / San Diego, CA

(Please note times & talks are subject to change)
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DAY 1:

Systems Dev. Day

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DAY 2:

Implementation Day

8:00am - 9:00am: Breakfast at Restaurant (provided)
9:00am: Day 1 MasterMind Begins
9:00am - 9:30am: MasterMind Kick Off
9:30am - 10:30am: Business Systems Mastery
10:30am - 10:45am: Break
10:45am - 12:00pm: Powerful Leadership
12:00pm - 1:30pm: Lunch (will be provided)
1:30pm - 2:30pm: Real Deal Engagement Systems
2:30pm - 2:45pm: Break
2:45pm - 3:45pm: Locking the Back Door (Retention)
3:45pm - 4:00pm: Break
4:00pm - 4:30pm: Enroll More Members...NOW!
4:30pm - 5:00pm: The Mindset of a Champion
5:00pm: Day 1 Workshop Ends
7:00pm: Networking & Celebration Dinner

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8:00am - 9:00am: Breakfast at Restaurant (provided)
9:00am: Day 2 Mastermind Begins
9:00am - 9:15am: Gems & Rules of Engagement
9:15am-9:45pm: Speed Dating
9:45am - 12:00pm: Hot Seats & Profit Seats
12:00pm - 1:15pm: Lunch (will be provided)
1:15pm - 1:45pm: Strategic Objective Defense
1:45pm - 2:15pm: Money Systems RoundTable
2:15pm - 2:25pm: Break
2:25pm - 3:00pm: Implementation (Segment #1)
3:00pm - 3:30pm: Implementation (Segment #2)
3:30pm - 4:00pm: Implementation (Segment #3)
4:00pm - 4:15pm:  Workshop Ends

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How Should I Dress?
​​​​​​​Dress casual. Bring extra layers, the room can go from warm to cold and many times we don't have full control over the temperature.
Breakfast and lunch are provided both days of the event.  Jason takes everybody to dinner after the first day of the event.
Parking is available at the resort. The hotel is just a short drive/uber/lyft from the San Diego Airport
Closest Airport
San Diego International Airport  (SAN)
3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

1.) Is this event right for me? 
If you’re a successful business owner who wants to automate and systemize their fitness business, this event is for you.

 2.) What if I’m just getting started? 
As long as you already have you’re doors open and have the money and mindset to invest in and implement systems and processes to grow your business then this event is for you.

3.) I’m already successful in my business, will I get any value?
If you’re successful in your business already but feel you are working to much in your business and are starting to feel burnt out, then this event is for you.

4.) What do I need to bring?
You should bring your laptop or ipad for note taking. Outlets will be available for you to use during the event.

5.) How long does the event go on for? And when should I schedule my arrival and departure? 
The event is two days in October (8th and 9th) You should plan on arriving the day prior and leaving the day after.

6.) Can I bring a business partner along? 
Yes, you can bring a business partner or spouse along with you. All that we ask is that you cover our costs for food and the room for $500

7.) Will there be any breaks in-between sessions? 
Yes, we will have a morning break, a lunch break and an afternoon break as well.

8.) Is there assigned seating?
We keep these mastermind events small on purpose. Every seat is a great seat and you will be able to sit wherever you like.
Complete This Year Strong And Make It Your Best Financial Year Ever!
That’s the promise of the Real Deal Mastermind & Implementation Workshop.
When you get crystal clear on exactly what’s holding you back in your business (and in your life!), and where you need to’ll begin to build a real deal business that operates without you...start to live your life and run your business on YOUR TERMS!

You'll never again have to sacrifice your lifestyle, your income or time with your family to build the business of your dreams. You’ll be ready to take action RIGHT NOW and make a SERIOUS IMPACT upon your members and your community.  Oh yeah, you'll also be WELL COMPENSATED for your efforts!

Isn't it time you invested in YOURSELF?  

Take 2 days and TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS so that you finally get to the live the life you DESERVE TO LIVE!

Bring your specific questions & get customized mentoring…

Listen...this is not a gigantic event packed with hundreds of attendees! It’s just me, you, and a handful of other owners. So bring any question or problem or experience you want FIXED (once and for all) and I'll personally give you specific action steps.  Sound fair?
Ready To Systematize & Supercharge
​​​​​​​YOUR Business?
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