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Powerful Words Character Development is the #1 Personal Development System for the After School Activity World.  Designed for owners of Martial Arts Academies, Cheer Gyms, Dance Studios, Swim Schools and Gymnastics Clubs, Powerful Words Character Development provides everything necessary to help transform the business from merely a “physical education center” to a fully functional “Personal Development Center.”

Jason M. Silverman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Powerful Words Character Development, along with his partner and superstar wife, Dr. Robyn Silverman.


On almost a daily basis, we’re asked the question, “Why is Powerful Words Character Development the #1 Character Development Program for the Martial Arts Industry, the Cheer Industry, the Dance Studio Industry, the Gymnastics Club Industry, etc?”


Let me take a quick moment to share the answers with you as I’m confident that if you are a professional martial arts school owner, you’ll immediately see how implementing our systems will make your life dramatically easier, ok?

Powerful Words was created by Dr. Robyn Silverman, a leading Child Development Expert with a PhD in Child & Adolescent Development from The Elliot Pearson School of Child Development at Tufts University.  Why is this important?  Well, you wouldn’t go to a plumber to have your injured knee fixed, would you?  Of course not!  If you want to implement a Character Development / Child Development Program in your martial arts, dance, cheer, gym or swim academy, it’s best to have it developed, tested and delivered to you by a true professional, capiche?

Powerful Words has been tested, retested, and proven successful all over the world for many years.  As business owners we know that many new ventures end in failure – thus leaving their clients in a lurch.  Powerful Words has been providing the highest level character development / life skills programming to the martial arts industry since 2006.  We’re not going anywhere.  Our systems are continually improving due to wonderful suggestions from our clients worldwide to ensure that our curriculum and systems are the best available.

  • Powerful Words is very comprehensive, yet super simple to implement.  When we developed Powerful Words, we built it for our very own martial arts academy.  In addition, we built it with the goal of delegating it to either our staff or our leadership team members.  Since it was created in this fashion, you’ll be provided every resource you need to make the program ultra successful while also being able to hand it off to one of your staff members or even to your leadership team.
  • Powerful Words provides you with Heroic Client Care and an Unbelievable Client Experience.  We bend over backwards to help you get everything implemented and keep the momentum going.  Jason M. Silverman (CEO of Powerful Words) personally walks every single new client through their own implementation to ensure that your character development system is set up properly the first time.  In addition, we’re always available to help you.  You can contact us via email, phone, facebook or even on our secret facebook networking group for Powerful Words School Owners.  Quite simply, we’ve got your back!
  • Powerful Words is always improving.  We live by the motto of CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement, so therefore, we’re always looking for ways to make your experience better, more profitable and more fun!  For example, we’ve recently added a Pinterest expert to our team who is creating monthly info-graphics for our Powerful Words clients to use to increase traffic to your site.  On our monthly tele-coaching call, Dr. Robyn and Jason M. Silverman share tips, tricks and secrets to making your school grow as you transform into a Powerful Words Personal Development Center.

If you’re ready to provide a personal development experience that’s as great as your martial arts program, Now is the Time to Get Started!  Click the Get Started now button and make a positive impact upon your Students, your Staff, your Parents and of course…Your Bottom Line!

If you have any questions, contact Powerful Words at http://www.PowerfulWords.com or simply call (877) 769-3799


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