Powerful Tips on Lead Generation, List Building and Social Media to Help Your Business Grow with Marketing Expert Kalynn Amadio

Kalynn promo graphicThe Real Deal with Jason Silverman – Featuring  Marketing Expert, Kalynn Amadio

Welcome back to THE REAL DEAL!  I hope you’re ready for some more Powerful information to help you successfully grow your business.   Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with a fabulous marketing expert who he’s confident you’ll benefit from…Kalynn Amadio.  Kalynn shares some valuable tips about social media, mobile marketing techniques, list building and lead generation.  This podcast is going to ideal for anybody who currently owns a business and is interested in properly leveraging social media quickly and easily for enhanced growth and better client engagement.  Strap yourself in and get ready to take notes…and TAKE ACTION!  This is going to be great!

A little about Kalynn Amadio…

Kalynn Amadio is Principal of ikalynn.com, a digital marketing firm that specializes in showing smart, savvy and motivated business owners like you how to kick it up a level online; even if you’ve tried and been disappointed before or technology just isn’t your thing. She is passionate about helping local businesses thrive in an ever-changing world of Internet, social media, video and mobile technology. Kalynn is the creator and host of ACT LOCAL – Marketing for Small Business currently on RockstarRadioNetwork.com broadcasting live every Monday at 9am Eastern.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

  1. Nobody wants to waste their time online. How can you streamline your online marketing efforts to get the most “Bang for the Buck”?
  2. Why does EVERY business need a blog?
  3. What’s the best social media site to start with for my specific business?
  4. How can a business owner generate leads and convert sales with social media?
  5. What is Kalynn’s #1 piece of advice for business owners on Social Media?
  6. What one piece of advice for business owners to find and maintain success?


  • www.iKalynn.com – Check out Kalynn’s Site, there’s a ton of valuable content here for business owners!