Our House was Robbed…for real.

Yes, the title of this post is 100% true. Absolutely amazing to me that people will look you in the face, smile, and then STEAL from you.

The details that I can share right now (it’s an active police / court case at the moment) is the following:


Dr. Robyn and I hired a temporary babysitter for 2 part time days. She was fabulous with the kids, very sweet…and…she had previously been a professional housekeeper, so she volunteered to do some cleaning during our kids’ nap time. (She did some cleaning alright…)

The second day that she was here, she was doing some cleaning upstairs (I was in my home-office downstairs) when she came down and said that she had received a text from her mom and that she had to leave immediately as her mom needed a ride due to car trouble. Being a trusting person (I do run a Character Development company, right?), I simply paid her for her time, thanked her for her help and let her know that we’d be happy to give her some more work as she was a young, single, soon to be mom.

Long story short, Dr. Robyn came home and was getting dressed to go out when she noticed that some of her favorite pieces of jewelry were GONE. At first we thought perhaps the tiny fingers of our toddler Tallie may have misplaced them, however, it would have been impossible for her to get to them due to their location. Realizing that the ONLY person to have been where the jewelry was, was this sitter, we contacted her and she quickly said that she didn’t see any jewelry while cleaning.

After ripping the house apart (again), at 8pm, we called the police department who immediately dispatched 2 cruisers to our home to take a statement and get all of the details…they were very thorough and very professional. Makes me feel a lot safer to be a resident of this town! They left an hour or so later and told us that they’d get right on it and contact us as soon as they discovered anything.

At 1am, the phone rang and the Police Officer let me know that they had already questioned the babysitter and she had confessed to stealing the jewelry and selling it at a pawn shop. She was “processed” and released and a court date set for this week…


At this point in time, we’re waiting (and hoping) to hear that the police will be able to recover Dr. Robyn’s jewelry from the pawn shop…I’ll shoot you an update as soon as I know.

So, in the hopes of turning our day around and spreading some positivity, I thought I’d share something cool that a bunch of our clients are doing with regards to a secret “ninja” marketing tool.


Check this out to download for free –> http://goo.gl/BIOVt


What it is, is a brilliant repurposing of the young kids and school age kids Powerful Projects. You’ll notice that they’ve been combined to a single page and on the back is a note to the parents with a really cool FREE Offer / call to action. What smart PW members do with this is, they deliver thousands of them to local family-friendly restaurants to use as placemats. This is a total win-win situation. The restaurants get free placemats that help keep kids busy (and quiet), the kids and parents get a really cool character project to complete and talk about, and the school owners get some great prospective students who are already comfortable with the culture of your school.

I hope you take this idea and start implementing immediately! Let me know when you do, ok?

Have a great day!



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