Jason’s Friday Freebie – April 29, 2011 Repurposing PW Materials Successfully

Hey Everybody!  Happy Friday.

It’s been a good week!  Actually, the other night, my daughter Tallie (2 years old going on 34) says to me “daddy…yicks!” which, in case you don’t speak toddler, means, “Daddy, let’s go outside and practice some Eskrima so I can develop my character as well as my athletic abilities”  (at least, that’s what I believe it means!)  You can see this in effect to the right…and yes, that’s Noah (age 10 months) hanging out in the backpack…his turn is coming soon!

Last week I shared one way to make sure that you are communicating successfully with the parents of your students and providing them with high quality information that they actually WANT TO READ.  Remember, lack of communication is a LEADING CAUSE OF PROGRAM CANCELLATION.  Don’t let this happen!

This week, I’d like to share with you a few examples that you can AND SHOULD be modeling as easy marketing and retention strategies.  We all need marketing and retention strategies in our businesses, don’t we?

Now, if you have all the students you want, waiting lists a mile long for each of your classes, and a bank account with endless funds, you probably won’t need to implement this.  If, however, you are a real business owner, I’m confident that you’ll find these examples helpful and that implementation will do your school (and your bank account) some good.

Powerful Success Example #1:


What you’ll see here is a blog post / landing page from Serge and Carmen Sognonvi of Urban Martial Arts (http://www.UrbanDojo.com).  They’ve gone ahead and “borrowed” from both the Parents Perch and Dear Dr. Robyn to create some useful information for parents.  In addition, they’ve created a special report: “The Power of Respect: A Guide for Parents and Educators” which provides some valuable information (for FREE) to prospective parents AS WELL AS educators who can then bring them into their schools’ classrooms to provide a school talk.  This is a fabulous way to get in front of your central demographics model in one place!  Great Job Folks!

Powerful Success Example #2:

Click This Link –> http://goo.gl/WWsev

What you’ll see here is a blog post / landing page from Manny Cabrera III of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Center .  Manny’s gone ahead and quite literally CHOPPED a piece of the Parents Perch as a JPG file and added it to the top of this blog post.  It’s both eye-catching as well as content rich, so it kills 2 birds with 1 stone.  (NOTE:  No birds were actually harmed in the creation of this blog post) In addition, Manny has taken the copy from the Parents Perch letter and used it as the content for the post.  What adds even more interest and value is that he’s also used the Powerful Words Introductory Video that we provide every month as a superb way to engage people on his site.  As the content for this blog post was almost all re-purposed, it probably took less than 10 minutes to do…I’d say that’s 10 minutes invested wisely, how about you?  Great Job Manny, keep it up!

Alright –

Can you go ahead and model what these successful school owners have done?  YES

Should you go ahead and model what these successful school owners have done?  YES

Would not taking action on this be ridiculous?  ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY

The May 2011 Powerful Words Toolkit is already in your members area, so you can do this RIGHT NOW!

If you’d like any help with this, simply comment below and we’ll get you the help you need, ok?

Have a Great Weekend!


Jason M. Silverman


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