How To Use Leverage Offline Direct Marketing to Make Your Business Thrive with Kim Walsh-Phillips

RDPKimSquareThe Real Deal with Jason Silverman – Featuring Marketing Expert, Kim Walsh-Phillips

Welcome to this edition of THE REAL DEAL with Jason Silverman!

This podcast is going to be super helpful to any business owner who wants to kick their marketing up several notches and leverage the power of “Offline Marketing!”

Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with Marketing Expert, Kim Walsh-Phillips, of IOCreativegroup.  Kim opened up the floodgates with a plethora of helpful marketing ideas for entrepreneurs who want to do more than post a few things on facebook and expect great results.

Strap yourself in and get ready to take some business changing notes and some serious ACTION!  This is going to be great!

A little about Kim Walsh-Phillips…

Kim Walsh-Phillips, is the award-winning Speaker, Author, Strategist and CEO of IO Creative Group, a results-driven marketing and PR agency.

She is a techie marketing geek with great shoes, a hatred of awareness campaigns and an obsession for marketing with a sharp focus on ROI.

Kim has worked with brands such as Sandler Training, GKIC Inner Circle, Harley-Davidson, Chem-Dry, and Hilton Hotels to increase revenue through direct response marketing.

Kim has been featured by NBC, CBS, FOX and NPR and is the author of best-selling Stupid Series, including Awareness Campaigns are Stupid and Other Secrets to Stop Being An Advertising Victim and Start Monetizing Your Marketing” and the upcoming book, Most Social Media is Stupid:  How to really use social media marketing to grow your business.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

1.)  What is direct response marketing?

2.)  Why is it important for entrepreneurs to utilize multiple marketing channels?

3.)  How can entrepreneurs use direct mail in their marketing?

4.)  What is lumpy mail and how has that been used effectively?

5.)   How do you know your marketing is working?