How to Talk to Kids / Students about Bin Laden’s Death from the Industry’s Leading Child Development Expert

Hello and Happy Monday.

Well, the world is buzzing today about Osama Bin Laden’s death.  I’m sure as an educator (and also potentially as a parent yourself), you may be bombarded with questions from your staff as well as your clients about HOW EXACTLY DO I EXPLAIN Osama Bin Laden’s death to my children/students?

Our very own Child Development Expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman just put out a special tip report on this very subject so that you’re armed with the info you need, right now.  Here’s a link to her tips:


As always, you want to ensure that you are ALWAYS PREPARED with the best advice from the most reliable source possible.  When it comes to Child Development and Personal Development, Dr. Robyn is honored to be that source for you.

I’d strongly urge you to send the above link to all of your students’ parents immediately so that, they too, have the help they need…and deserve.  You’ll be providing them with a wonderful resource (it goes without saying that this info is FREE for them, and they will not be sold to or marketed to!)



Jason M. Silverman

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