How to Develop Rich Habits with Tom Corley

Tom Corley SquareThe Real Deal with Jason Silverman with Financial Expert, Tom Corley

Welcome to this edition of THE REAL DEAL with Jason Silverman!

Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with financial expert all around great guy, Tom Corley.  Tom truly gave us a peek behind the curtain and shared a ton of the “Rich Habits” that make people successful.  This is super important stuff for anybody/everybody who wants the best for themselves and their family’s financial future.  is serious about growing a business the right way and creating an amazing future for yourself, your family and your staff.  You’re going to get a ton of value from this one!

Strap yourself in and get ready!  This is going to be great!

A little about Tom Corley…

As a Certified Public Accountant/Financial Planner, President of  Cerefice & Company and CEO of The Rich Habits Institute Tom Corley is passionate about financial independence. Tom trains businesses, individuals, and students how to be financially successful through his Rich Habits educational programs.Tom has authored several books including his #1 Amazon Bestselling Personal Finance book “Rich Habits” and “The Top 100 Cheapest Places to Retire in the U.S.” book series.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

1. What are some of the habits that separate the rich from the poor?

2. If you’re poor what can you do right away to get on the track to financial success?

3. Who are the rich and the poor?

4. Who is to blame for poverty in America?

5. Tom mentions in his book Rich Habits that wealthy people create a unique type of good luck and poor people create a unique type of bad luck. What does he mean by that?

6. Wealthy people use certain strategies to make themselves “un-fireable”, what are they?

7. How do you know you are on the right track for financial success?

8. A typical day for a wealthy person looks like…
9. A typical day of a poor person looks like…
10. How do wealthy people accumulate so much wealth?


  • – You absolutely, positively MUST check out Tom Corley’s Rich Habits Institute page.  There is a TON of valuable info to help you get on the road to building Rich Habits and change your life for the better.  In addition, make sure to grab a copy of Tom’s book “Rich Habits” anywhere that books are sold.