How to Apply the Strategies of Combat Focus to Help Your Business Explode with Personal Defense Expert Rob Pincus

The Real Deal with Jason Silverman – Featuring  Personal Defense Expert and Marketing Rock Star, Rob Pincus

rob pincus promo graphic squareWOW…hope you’ve strapped yourself in tight for today’s episode.  It’s time for THE REAL DEAL!  Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with an expert who he’s admired and indirectly learned from for quite a while, his friend Rob Pincus.  Odds are many of Jason’s listeners are probably NOT familiar with Rob Pincus, unless you are embedded in the world of fire-arms and defensive shooting, you’ve probably not had opportunity to hear him speak.  And, quite frankly, that’s been a huge loss to you. Today, however, you get to hear what makes this man tick and what strategies he’s implemented to become as wildly successful as he (and his programs) have.  This podcast is going to ideal for anybody who currently owns a business and is looking for some core intelligence in how to run it more effectively and how to better engage with your prospects and your current clients.  Mr. Pincus is a true professional, in addition to being one cool guy.  This is going to be great!

A little about Rob Pincus…

Rob Pincus is a leader in the world of Personal Defense training and media content development.

He is the owner of I.C.E. Training Company, developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program and Managing Editor of Personal Defense Network.

He left full time law enforcement work in 2001 to pursue his passion in the training world. His Personal Defense Network (PDN) DVD Series has shipped over 4 million copies and his online content will have over 600 Million Viewing Minutes by the end of this year (2013)

He is the author of 5 books and has written, hosted and/or been featured on several Television Programs. He has a network of instructors teaching his programs across the United States and Europe.



Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

  1. Why is Rob so active on the internet and with his clients?
  2. How does this benefit his business and client relationships?
  3. What’s Rob’s experience in using the web and computers as a communication and marketing medium?
  4. Why are Marketing, promotions and cooperative projects key to a businesses growth?
  5. What are the 2 main policies that Rob shares with his instructor team in regard to growing a business?
  6. What are some of the biggest mistakes Rob has seen other business owners make either online or offline in regard to building their businesses?


  • – Check out Rob’s firm I.C.E. Training Services Site.  It’s a great place to learn more about Rob, his programs and courses.
  • – Check out Rob’s Youtube page – there’s a ton of content and a million lessons to be learned in how he leverages video for his marketing and retention.
  • – The Personal Defense Network is a fantastic site for all things Personal Defense related