Creating a Successful Life with Susie Miller

The Real Deal with Jason Silverman featuring Susie Miller (Creating a Successful Life)

Welcome to this edition of THE REAL DEAL with Jason Silverman!

RDPSusieMillerSquare Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with The Better Relationship Coach, Susie Miller for a fun and truly eye opening conversation on how to create a successful life by helping you create and maintain better relationships. If you’re looking to take your business (and your life) to the next level, this podcast is a must!

What are you waiting for??  You’re going to get a ton of value from this one!

Strap yourself in and get ready!  This is going to be great!

A little about Susie Miller…

Susie Miller, known internationally as The Better Relationship Coach,™ is an Author, Speaker and Coach. She is dedicated to helping you create better relationships in 30 days or less! Susie equips high potential entrepreneurs and executives to reduce stress, improve communication, and most importantly, not bankrupt their relationships in pursuit of profits and success—so they can Maxim-ize their Success!

Susie has been featured in major news outlets including: Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and NPR. She is the bestselling author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!

Susie is a cancer survivor and her story includes overcoming numerous life challenges, but she’s known for her outlook on life as a “possibilitarian”. Susie has been married to John, a lifelong entrepreneur for 32 years. They have 3 adult children and live in the DC area.


Listen to today’s podcast and discover…

  1. “How do we create a lasting & meaningful marriage in the midst of chaos, stress, and the challenges juggling of life, work & family! “
  2. “What are some unique challenges of being the spouse of a busy entrepreneur or executive?”
  3. “What is your PROFIT method for busy executives and entrepreneurs to protect and cultivate strong marriage and family relationships?”
  4. “What is one action step our listeners can do TODAY to see quick improvement in their relationships?