Contextual Congruence with Nicholas Kusmich

RDP Nicholas Kusmich Square The Real Deal with Jason Silverman featuring Nicholas Kusmich (Contextual Congruence)

Welcome to this edition of THE REAL DEAL with Jason Silverman!

Jason Silverman got a chance to catch up with FB Ad Marketing Expert, Nicholas Kusmich for a fun and truly eye opening conversation about leveraging the power of contextual congruence with successful facebook ads for business owners.   If you’re looking to take your business (and your life) to the next level, this podcast is a must!

What are you waiting for??  You’re going to get a ton of value from this one!

Strap yourself in and get ready!  This is going to be great!

A little about Nicholas Kusmich…

Nicholas Kusmich founder of, creator of The Art Of Lead Generation Intensive and The Alliance GroupTM is best known as the leading FB Advertising Strategist for the top entrepreneurial thought-leaders of our day including a division of the Tony Robbins Group, Joe Polish, bestselling authors, top business coaches and supplement companies to name a few.

He is best known for having the highest ROI’s in the industry (up to 30,973.3% ROI) as a result of his proprietary Contextual Congruence methodology which combines both the art and the science of new media direct marketing is the driving force behind the results.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover:

1.) – The state of marketing and the shift towards online

2.) – The 2 Golden Rules Of New Media Marketing

3.) – “Contextual Congruence”

4.) – Myths and Mistakes about FB Advertising

5.) – How to get started with FB ads