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A great Idea to help Your Prospects feel more welcomed at your business

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE! I have a story to share with you.  It’s a story that has the potential to help you completely transform the experience of everybody who ever sets foot in your business…actually, the minute they set foot in your business.  Does that sound like something that you’d find beneficial?  I’m pretty…

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What Does Your Price Say about Your School/Gym/Studio?

What does your PRICE say about your QUALITY? Hey folks, Jason M. Silverman here.  I’m often asked questions from my clients (in every single business niche) about the “hows” and “whys” of pricing.  What I’ve discovered over the years is that your Price is one of the most important marketing vehicles you have, and as…

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How NOT to enroll new members – and piss off parents – A horrible experience that Dr. Robyn Encountered Yesterday

Subject:  What a DISASTER…I hope you don’t do this at your school or gym Greetings folks, Jason Silverman here from Powerful Words Character Development and AllStarCheerSites.com.  Hope all is going well in your world! Yesterday, we had an AWFUL experience while trying to sign up our kids for gymnastics classes.  I’m still infuriated about it,…

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A Note from a Client’s Client –> Very Cool Indeed

Hi There, Hope you’re having an awesome day.  I just got the coolest email from one of our Gold Level Members (Shane Tassoul of Champions Martial Arts) that totally made my day.  I’m sharing it with you for a few important reasons: 1.)  It’s always great to get GOOD NEWS, right? Sometimes the day to…

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Strong Men are Hard to Kill – Lessons in Gratitude

The title of this blog post is very real to me right now.  As you might remember, on Thursday, March 10th, while driving home from a  martial arts class, I was in a pretty tough car accident and in fact, I wound up totaling my  7,000 lb truck.  Luckily, somebody or something was definitely watching…

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