The Art of Business Transformation Program

As one of the leading Business Systems experts in the after school activity world, Jason is often asked to help businesses develop a more systematized approach to running their business.

The Art of Business Transformation (AOBT) Program is the answer!


Silverman Consulting has developed the AOBT PROGRAM for owners who are SERIOUS about taking your business forward...QUICKLY.

AOBT is all about helping owners to build and document their CFS, CORE FOUNDATIONAL SYSTEMS. These are the systems that every single business NEEDS, but most have never invested the time to build.

Learning about systematizing your business is one thing...we've pretty much all read "The E-Myth" right?  Actually being handed the exact business systems and having it totally customized for your specific business by a true expert is quite another…

The AOBT Program is a 12 week INTENSIVE Group Coaching Program that is conducted remotely...unlike anything else you've ever done.

Normally, people attend seminars and conferences and leave with a few take aways.  This isn't that.

Rather than you leaving with a notebook full of notes, ideas and a TO-DO list, you will leave with the major business systems you've been missing, DONE.  How does THAT sound?


Isn't it time that you EFFECTIVELY Work ON your business rather than just IN it?

If you want to finally develop proven systems for:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Client Fulfillment

The Art of Business Transformation Program might be exactly what you're looking for.

This process has been responsible for growing businesses, making businesses more efficient, and allowing the owners to find their freedom to finally enjoy the life they've built for themselves.

If you're the owner of a:

  • Cheer Gym
  • Martial Arts Academy
  • Dance Studio
  • Gymnastics Club
  • Ninja Training Center

This is the program you've been hoping for!

Not only will you learn the actual step-by-step processes to building systems that work, so you can use it over and over again (let's be honest - no-one wants to simply learn something) but, Jason will be provide you with all of the assets you need (the systems templates, guidance, and coaching) to remove all the unnecessary guess work (and all of the heavy lifting!)

Plus, Jason will work with you personally to customize them all specifically for your business.


You (and up to only 39 others) will get to experience a 100% no-fluff, no filler, NO B.S., implementation experience custom designed by Jason M. Silverman where he spends 30% teaching and 70% HELPING YOU TO IMPLEMENT.

You will be personally taken through his specific MSI (Massive Systems Implementation) Process, step-by-step and then be given the assets for you to literally “plug and play”.  Nothing like this has ever been offered and it will dramatically shorten your learning curve as well as your implementation curve.


  • You MUST have a real business operating that is currently generating revenue.
    If you are only in the "I'm about to get started" phase, this is most certainly not the best fit for you. In addition, tire kickers and those just looking to collect more information, but do nothing with it are also not a good fit.
  • You MUST be willing to roll up your sleeves for 12 weeks and get to work on creating your systems with me.
    I promise you -- this is not simply a learning seminar where you passively sit back and watch; this is a doing intensive where you will get more done in 12 weeks than you've probably gotten done in the last 12 years! You must be ready to work,
  • You MUST be able to move quickly…
    If this is not the right time for you to quickly grow your business, please don't apply. These events will get sold out every single time (as there is so much demand for people who want to build a scalable, systematized business), so only apply if you're ready to act now if you are presented an invitation to join us.
  • You MUST be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business.
    This isn't some cheap seminar training you can pick up anywhere. This is a top tier, premium experience designed only for the 3%ers who understand the value of investing your time, money & energy to gain long term success (and sanity) in your business.
  • Finally, we have a strict no-jackass policy.
    If you're a "yeah butt" kind of person, have serious attitude, or prefer to whine and complain rather than roll up your sleeves and get busy, then this is not going to be a fit for you. Life is way too short to work with jack asses, and I refuse to waste my time or anybody else's time with folks like that.  This is a space for serious owners...ONLY.


1.) Do I need to have any "Systems Development" experience?

"Systems Development" experience is not required to get the most of the AOBT Program. If you've got it, fabulous. If you don't, please don't stress out about it, I'll make sure you've got everything you need.

2.) Who is this best for?

This experience is designed for ANY business owner who is looking to systematize or "Franchise Prototype" their business. Most often, we work with owners in the after school activity space, Cheer Gym Owners, Martial Arts Academy Owners, Dance Studio Owners, Swim School Owners, Gymnastics Club Owners, Ninja Training Facility Owners, and more. It is recommended that the business owner attend.

3.) How many people are accepted into the AOBT Program at any one time?

A maximum of 40 businesses are allowed at any given time to ensure that Jason can work directly with each and every person there.

4.) May I bring my business partner? fact your entire staff can attend at NO ADDITIONAL FEE.


Let's connect today so you can achieve your dreams!